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Hair Styling and Cut Services

I am a stylist focused on feminine hair styling and cutting.  Therefore, I hope you can respect that all masculine or barbering requests are referred out.

Wash & Style

30 min $55


I don't do them.  They are also referred out.  Why?  I think of updos as an artist who excels at sculpture.  I excel at painting with haircolor and creating density.  Sculpture is not my forte.

Children's Haircuts 

If you want to schedule your kid-o with me, I will see them, but I offer a grown up atmosphere, and charge for my time.  Therefore, I do not offer discounted service prices just for children and I don't have the most ideal space catered to them.   You may find a better fit for the little ones with those stylists who have them in mind as their target market.<3

Fine Density Haircut

30min. $55

Why do these beauties get a shorter and less expensive haircut?  Well, that's because they do not require as much texturizing and blow dry time.

Average Density Haircut

45 min. $82.50

Is this you?  If you aren't concerned about adding density to your hair, and no one has ever told you, "Wow! your hair is SO thick," then this is your service.

Thick Density Haircut

1 Hour $110

You know who you are.  You've been told you have "two heads of hair" or a previous stylist has needed extra time for you or "ran behind."  This service is for you.  These beauties need the extra time for thinning and texturizing and take longer to blow dry.

Basic Color Services

You will notice the majority of my chemical services include repair or bond building.  That is because with every chemical service, my number one goal is to keep your hair in the best shape possible.

"Drive By" Root Re-Touch or Toner

30 Min. $55

Quite a service name, am I right?  Ha!

This is for existing clients only.  This is a root re-touch or toning appointment meant for those who are limited on time.  I apply the color, tell you how long to set your timer for, and you go home and wash it out yourself.  This is great for a short visit to "refresh" in between those much longer color appointments.

Toner or Grey Blending

45min $82.50

"Toning" can help re-deposit a semi or demi-permanent color on lightened hair.  It can also help cancel unwanted yellow/brassy shades in the hair and add shine back to dull hair.


"Grey Blending" is a demi-permanent applied to soften the appearance of those wisdom highlights but not entirely covered.  This helps "camouflage" greys but you do not end up with a harsh line of demarcation as the color grows out.

Both of these services have a non-committal 6 week fade-out.

Root Re-Touch or Single Process Color

1 Hour $110

All of my Root Re-touches include a pull through of a zero lift deposit only gloss through the ends to make sure your color always looks fresh.  Therefore, a color or a root application cost the same and requires the same amount of time to process.

Platinum Re-Touch 4 weeks

1 Hour 30 min.  $165

The ideal time to wait for a platinum re-touch is 4-6 weeks.  This has to do with the heat from the scalp...Not to get tooooo technical on you, but if the regrowth is too far from the scalp, then you have to do two different applications and the whole process takes longer and can be much more challenging.  You don't want that do you?  Ok, come in every 4-6 weeks. ;)

Includes Toner, Olaplex, K18

Platinum Re-Touch 7-12 Weeks

2 Hours+ $220+

You waited too long didn't you?  That's ok, I've got you, but next time, aim for 4 weeks. ;)  

Includes Toner, Olaplex, K18 and a playful side eye.

Has it been more than 12 weeks?  Schedule a consult. <3

Multi-Dimensional Hair Color

Mini  Partial Foil

45 Min. 82.50

This is a great maintenance service in between longer multi-dimensional services.  I suggest this service once or twice before another partial/full/balayage/foilayage.

A mini partial targets only the most exposed area of the head.  This includes your hairline and part line.

Includes: Toning and Repair Series

Add Tint Between Foils (grey coverage) +30 min. +$55

Partial Foil

1.5 Hours $165

Targets hairline, part, sides above ears, and crown of head; or the "top of the head" excluding the nape.

Depending on blonding goals, can be alternated with a full or mini for future visits.


Includes: Toning and Repair Series

Add Tint Between Foils (grey coverage) +30 min. +$55

Full Foil

2 Hours $220

For the super blondies or those who aspire to be super blondies.

Targets entire head including nape.

Depending on blonding goals, can be alternated with a partial or mini partial for future visits.

Includes: Toning, Olaplex and K18

Add Tint Between Foils (grey coverage) +30 min. +$55


2 Hours $220

Uses clay ligtener and has a very soft grow out.  Leaves a client rooty and has an organic highlighted feel.  Looks like the soft glow young kids get from being outside in the sun.​

This is NOT for high contrast or for high levels of lift.  This is a VERY gentle lightening service and are for those looking for that subtle super model glow.

If it's subtle, why does it take so long?  The clay lightener required for the technique works slower than traditional lighteners.

Includes Toning, Olaplex and K18.


2-3 Hours $220-$330

Mimics the rooty and gentle re-growth as a balayage, but is for those who need a higher lift (natural or un-natural dark pigmented hair) or are looking for higher contrast.  This is the more bold balayage.

This can require a lot of waiting for lightening, a very thorough tone and deposit and includes Olaplex and K18 to maintain your hair's integrity through the process. 

Add Tint Between Foils (grey coverage) +30 min. +$55

Rainbow/Vivid Haircolors

3+ Hours $330

Like that vibrant green moment I've got on display for you?

These are fun and creative and I love executing them.  The hair must be pre-lightened, then the color is deposited onto the previously lightened hair.  

Color.Me Color preserving treatment, K18 and Olaplex included.

A consultation is highly recommended for this service.

Hair Extension Services

As my client, you can feel confident in my expertise because I have invested in advanced hair extension education.  My hair extension weft installs are sewn to Waterfall Beaded Row foundations which is a more advanced foundation.  You can also choose to make your beads hidden.  I take great care in blending the client's hair with the extensions, and have been complimented on superior shade matching.
WBR Installs only require a visit back to the salon every 8 weeks.

Weft Install

1 Row 1 Hour $110

This is for clients who are looking to add volume only and not to elongate their hair.

Includes Hidden Row (foundation is hidden and is super discreet).

Weft Install

2 Rows 1.5 Hours $165

This is for clients who are looking to add density AND length.  This is for an average amount of volume.

Includes 1 hidden row. 

Weft Install

3 Rows 2 Hours $220 

Are you a glam queen?  Then this is the service for you.  You're looking to add ALL the volume.

Includes 2 Hidden Rows.

Additional Hidden Row

+15 Minutes +$27.50

For those who want ALL the discretion for their extensions.  This is especially for clients who want the freedom to do different up-styling.

I-Tip Install

+30min per pack.  +$55

If you have short hair your are blending with length, you may need this added to your service to gently blend your crown area.

This is also great for the face frame area weather you have wefts or not.  Some people just wish to fill in the lack of density over their ears which can really make a bob or lob look sharp.

The Hair for Extensions

A full head of hair extensions usually requires 1 Weft Bundle.
The addition of I-Tips or K-Tips may be recommended for blending haircuts around the hairline and crown

1 Bellami Weft Bundle

16" $380.99

The shortest length available through Bellami.

20" $574.99

Most Common Length.  Just long enough for mermaid vibes while still being without being too high maintenance as far as styling goes.

22" $767.99

Not recommended for a beginner new to extensions.

24"  $1027.99 

This is A LOT of hair to style.  Definitely for someone looking for the glam and drama.  Not recommended for a beginner new to extensions.

**Not sure how long you want to go?  Of course at a consultation I can show you where each length will fall, but for a quick check for yourself, you can measure the length from the top of your ear down.

1 Pack Bellami I-Tip or K-Tip


16" $120.99

20"  $131.99

22"  $137.99

24"  $160.99

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