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Hair Extension
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Find the perfect fit for you.

Hair Extension Services

i.e. 30min services = $60, 45min $90, 1.5 hours $180...

I have listed my services with their expected time.  My goal is always to overestimate how much time services take, and I pro-rate the cost of the service at 15min intervals.  If your service was planned at 45min, but we only took 30min then I will only charge for the 30.  I NEVER like to shock clients with more of an expense than they were expecting.

I charge an hourly rate for install.
Purchasing the hair is a separate charge.

Current rate is: $120/Hour


My hair extension weft installs are sewn to Waterfall Beaded Row (or "WBR") foundations which is a more advanced foundation than traditional methods.  You can also choose to make your beads hidden.
Because of this foundation, my clients come in every 8 weeks for a fresh install.  There are no quickie "move up" appointments with this installation method, but my install takes on average only 1.5 hours.
WBR Installs only require a visit back to the salon every 8 weeks.
Weft Install
1 Row 1 Hour
This is for clients who are looking to add volume only and not to elongate their hair.  Only recommended for those who are not planning to grow their hair longer.
Includes Hidden Row (foundation is hidden and is super discreet).
Weft Install
2 Rows 1.5 Hours
This is for clients who are looking to add density AND length.  This is for an average amount of volume.
Weft Install
3 Rows 2 Hours  
Are you a glam queen?  Then this is the service for you.  You're looking to add ALL the volume.
Additional Hidden Row
+15 Minutes
For those who want ALL the discretion for their extensions.  This is especially for clients who want the freedom to do different up-styling.
I-Tip Install
+30min per pack.
If you have short hair your are blending with length, you may need this added to your service to gently blend your crown area.
This is also great for the face frame area weather you have wefts or not.  Some people just wish to fill in the lack of density over their ears which can really make a bob or lob look sharp.

The Hair for Extensions

A full head of hair extensions usually requires 1 Weft Bundle.
The addition of I-Tips or K-Tips may be recommended for blending haircuts around the hairline and crown

1 Bellami Weft Bundle

16" $415

The shortest length available through Bellami.

20" $625

Most Common Length.  Just long enough for mermaid vibes while not too too high maintenance as far as styling goes.

24"  $1115

This is A LOT of hair to style.  Definitely for someone looking for the glam and drama.  Not recommended for a beginner new to extensions.

**Not sure how long you want to go?  Of course at a consultation I can show you where each length will fall, but for a quick check for yourself, you can measure the length from the top of your ear down.

1 Pack Bellami I-Tip


16" $125

18” $130

20"  $135

22"  $140

24"  $165

1 Pack Bellami K-Tip


16” $120

18” $125

20” $130

22” $135

24” $160

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