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I Can't Wait
to Meet You

Let our journey together begin.

Step One

Peruse my About Me page to get to know me, my skills, my business,

and how I can serve you.

profile image.jpeg

Step Two

Submit your new guest appointment request profile so I can be fully prepared for our consultation.


Step Three

Arrive feeling relaxed and confident, and walk away feeling like your best self. I can’t wait to meet you!


The Pre-Visit

Hello!  I can't wait to meet you!

First, I want you to know, my priority is for all guests to feel comfortable.  Bloom Salon is a judge-free zone so please come feeling relaxed. 

I also want my ambiance to be about you.  Don't like my music?  Let's change it!  Thirsty?  Let's fix that.  Need a little snickety-snack?  I've got you, boo!

Before you join me for your visit, please take a moment to fill out your profile.

As a new guest I prefer to have a consultation before scheduling your services.  This is to ensure that I have enough time scheduled for us and we can avoid feeling rushed.  It also allows me to give you an accurate quote for services.


The Consultation

At your consultation, we will get our game plan together.

Please do some preliminary research for hair inspiration photos.  I especially suggest Pinterest as the inspiration there is current and on trend.  "Googling" doesn't always guide you in the direction of "current" hair styles.

Why do I like inspiration photos?  Since we are just meeting, I prefer a snapshot into your style preferences and color eye.

While I may suggest modifications for your face shape and skin coloring, I can stay on track for your style eye and persona.

After Goodbye

It's not "goodbye," it's "till next time!"

Before you leave your appointment, I will make sure you are set up for your next.

I will suggest after care, but don't worry, I will never be pushy.  I have the tools to provide you with the best hair possible, but I never want you to have products from me collecting dust in your under the sink product "graveyard."  Don't like it?  Bring it back.  Don't want it?  No problemo, mama!

I pride myself on being kind and always following the "golden rule" in my personal life and in business. Because of this, I want you to feel comfortable in reaching out to me if you ever need an adjustment to your hair after your service has been completed.  Your feedback and needs are important to me.

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